Elke zomer gedurende de 40 dagen voorafgaand aan Guru Purnima kan
je een intentie trachten vol te houden, die je jezelf voorgenomen hebt.
Dat kan zijn bv. 40 dagen geen vlees eten, of geen alcohol drinken, of
niet boos worden, of elke dag yoga doen, elke dag mediteren, elke dag
fietsen, enz. iets waarvan je voelt dat het je levenskwaliteit en
zuiverheid zal bevorderen.
Dit creëert daarnaast ook
tapas/discipline, volharding en zuivert de geest. In 2018 begint deze
40-dagen op 18 juni en eindigt op 27 juli.
Het zou fijn zijn indien de
mensen die deze 40 dagen doen, ook aanwezig zijn op de volle maan
meditatie van 28 juni (20u-22u) en natuurlijk die van 27 juli, Guru
Purnima (20u-22u) om samen onze intenties te verfijnen en in groep te

Hieronder vind je nog 20 suggesties voor intenties voor deze 40 dagen, weliswaar in het Engels:

these 40 days, you can choose to intensify your yoga practice and/or
make beneficial changes in your lifestyle, in a variety of ways. This
will lead to greater purification and capacity for next year. Here are
20 suggestions – you can try to do this each day and for 40 days until
27th July.:

1. Eat 5 mouthfuls less than enough to fill the stomach.
2. Try to avoid eating meat or fish during the month although you may serve it to your family.
3. Conquer anger, laziness and selfish thoughts.
4. Implementing an element of yoga, such as a particular Yama or Niyama.
5. Make lifestyle changes so to honor the environment – reduce clutter, consume less, get rid of things you do not need.
Experiment with a practice of silence. This could be through observing
your speech in daily life to see if you are using more words than
necessary, speaking louder than necessary and if your tone and voice
evokes a positive response in the listener. You could undertake to
practice a half day of silence or a longer period.
8. A practice of
hatha yoga to purify the body, breath and mind. Consider undertaking a
practice of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) during these 40 days.
Please refer to the section in Swami Veda’s Philosophy of Hatha Yoga in
which he writes about asana as worship. Do Joints & Glands
Exercises. Use whatever asana practice you undertake as a way to
strengthen your link with the lineage through whom all blessings flow.
Let your selfless service increase, whether by one percent or five
percent or whatever. Increase the time and energy you spend in SELFLESS
service of others. That is the first concrete action you can begin with.
10. Concentrating more on exhalations. This will help you achieve 2:1 ratio of breathing without physical effort.
Keep your regular meditation time. In addition to that, you may sit at
other times in the day. Do not forget to take 2 minutes, 3 minutes
breaks, for breath-awareness many, many times in the day.
Maintain mindfulness and an attitude of self-examination throughout the
day. Observe thoughts and emotions asking oneself, “What was it in me
that evoked that response and reaction?” “What right thing that should
have done have I omitted?” – replacing negativity with kindness and
13.Do Prânâyâma Nadi Shodhana (channel purification) 3 times a day.
14. Do one to three malas of your personal mantra japa daily.
15. For any thought critical of anyone, do 11 recitations of Gayatri mantra.
At juncture points in your day (or about every 2 hours), sit for 2
minutes, observing the flow of breath in the nostrils and repeating your
personal mantra.
17. Recite the Gurur Brahma Prayer and the morning and evening prayers.
Your last formal thought at night should be the Gurur Brahma prayer and
entry into meditative mode as you fall asleep. Your sleep will become a
meditation. Awaken with a Yoga Nidra practice or simply breath
awareness in bed before rising.
19. Participate in Full Moon
Meditations. “The full moon meditations are an opportunity for us to
come together in connecting with the universal mind-field bringing
unity, harmony, peace and love. Go into your silence; exhale-release,
inhale-accept, forgive & fulfil, with purified heart and mind
receive the blessings of the Lineage.” – Swami Ritavan Bharati
20. Resolve to enter into non-self-centered meditation.

If you wish more background and suggestions, see: